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Alberon Alberon Dolls

Alberon, established in 1977, is recognised as the leading British name for porcelain dolls. Alberon Dolls work with some of the world's finest sculptors and costume designers to bring you the most inspired range of dolls.
Annaleece Jewelry Annaleece Jewellery

By DeVries created exclusively with Swarovski crystals and fine Jewellery components, Annaleece provides quality products at unparalleled prices.
Bearington Bears Bearington Bears

The Bearington Collection is a relative newcomer to the collectible plush industry, but has made quite an impression on plush collectors around the world.
Bowbrook Bowbrook

These popular figurines are an enduring image of Britain's favourite wildlife characters. Each animal is mounted on a bronzed English pewter base to create an integral habitat. Hand crafted in Worcester, England.
Country Artists Country Artists

Well established quality sculptors. Ranges include A Breed Apart, The Natural World, Speed Freaks, Inspirations, Butterfly Fairies and the new Crystal Treasures collections of Beatrix Potter and The Snowman.
Crisalis Crisalis Collection

The Crisalis Collection by Christine Haworth including Paintbox Poppets, Faerie Poppets, Dream Tide, and the latest edition Angel Whispers.
Egyptian Glass Egyptian Glass

Authentic Egyptian glass including perfume bottles. Each coloured glass perfume bottle is exquisitely mouth blown and hand decorated and therefore unique.
Friendship Friendship

The new collection from Collectible World. Visually striking and highly stylised sculptures with a minimalist cubic appearance, presented in a classic metallic paint finish.
From the Earth From the Earth

Powerful and awe-inspiring 'From the Earth' is a stunning collection of sculptures which portray Mother Nature at her most magnificent. Timeless figurines bring to life the very unique qualities of each animal - captured by the exquisite skill and mastery of the sculptor.
Gund Bears Gund Bears

For more than a century, GUND has been creating Teddy Bears and other huggable toys recognized for their unique softness, quality and design. Barton's Creek and Mohair Collection now available at special discount prices.
Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures are the new award winning range of ornate enamel boxes from Arora Design. Hand cast in pewter, twenty four carat gold or silver plated then enameled with unique colours to produce a gift of distinction.
Just the Right Shoe Just the Right Shoe

Elegant and dramatic Raine's designs offer a taste of the extraordinary. Collectors can keep in step with the latest Just the Right Shoe styles and choose from an array of intricate designs depicting shoes throughout history.
Lost Dog Lost Dog

This little character figurine dog seeks a new home, and a new owner. Each figurine depicts a heart rendering ‘tug of your heart strings’ expression and is sure to be a hit as a gift or collectable purchase.
Maasai Maasai

Powerful and haunting the Maasai collection speaks to us in the language of the soul. Stacy Bayne’s exceptional sculptures transcend all boundaries of culture and belief and evoke a heart-felt response in all who see them. The magic of the sculptor brings the spirit of the Maasai to life.
Me to You Me to You

An established name in the greeting cards industry, now the Tatty Teddy is available as ceramic figures and plush bears.
Mighty Purse Might Purse

NEW The Mighty Purse. Mixing fashion with technology. Made from real leather with a discreet built-in battery to recharge your phone on the go without compromising on style.
Molenniums Molenniums

The Molenniums are loveable little creatures created by Doverdale Designs.
Mova Globes Mova Globes

The MOVA globe is a world globe that turns gently using solar energy and the earth's magnetic field. No batteries or wires are required. Simply place the Mova globe on its stand and your Mova globe will come to life and start to turn.
My Pedigree Pals My Pedigree Pals

My Pedigree Pals are a range of finely sculped figurines designed by British Artist Dean Kendrick. My Pedigree Pals won the 2012 Gift of the Year, highlighting the characteristics of each figurine with the tin then doubling up as a Money Box.
North Light North Light Animals

North Light animal figurines are made in England where they are cast in ceramic resin with porcelain powder to give a superior detailed finish.
Old Tupton Ware Old Tupton Ware

Old Tupton Ware is a collection of hand-crafted, tube-lined ceramics, designed in the UK. Each piece is made by hand.
Pendelfin Pendelfin

With whimsical tales from a riverside world, the engaging charm of Pendelfin has delighted collectors for over 50 years.
Piggin' Pigs Piggin' Pigs

Piggin has captured the hearts and imagination of collectors everywhere. Irresistible, witty and funny - collect one Piggin' and you'll want the lot! A unique character range of collectible figurines, gift figurines and gift items Piggin' is available in a variety of popular themes for every occasion.
Pocket Dragons Pocket Dragons

The whimsical world of Pocket Dragons.
Russ Berrie Russ Berrie

When shopping for a gift that expresses just the right sentiment or emotion, think RUSS BERRIE. For the perfect gift. New Alice's Bear Shop Collection now available.
Sherratt and  Simpson Sherratt and Simpson

Sherratt and Simpson highly collectable resin figurines.
Tudor Mint Tudor Mint

Myth and Magic pewter dragon figures, Land of the Dragons and the new Eye of the Temple figures available.
The Turds The Turds

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Turds, the fun faecal figurines that are guaranteed to put a smile onto the face of even the most humourless of souls.
Tuskers Tuskers

Tuskers and Henry figures. Created by sculptor Barry Price, each loveable character is an individual work of art.
Twinkle Waterglobes Twinkle Waterglobes

NEW Twinkle Waterglobes. These waterglobes consist of mainly three different functions, movement, light effect and music.
Wade Wade

Wade Ceramics. Independent manufacturers of high quality ceramic products since 1810.
Wentworth Pewter Wentworth Pewter

Fine pewterware individually created by skilled craftsmen to traditional standards of quality from Sheffield, England.
WhimsiClay Cats WhimsiClay Cats

These hand-painted ceramic creations, each with its own colourful personality, have already proved highly popular in the United States. Now they are set to become the cat's whiskers as an international brand.

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